Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Corpus of Humanities and Engineering Academic Articles at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and its Applcation            0000-00-00
2    Corpus of Academic Articles of Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine and Sciences at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and its Applcation            0000-00-00
3    iranian foreign language teachers' conceptions of teacher success at public schools: a mixed-method approach    M.Sc.    Asgariyan Yazdi, Hamid Reza    2013-11-02
4    A Descriptive Bilingual Persian proverb dictionary for non Persian learners    M.Sc.    SOLEIMANI VIRANI, ENSIEH    2014-03-11
5    Material Development for Teaching Persian to non-Persian Preschoolers Based on Total Physical Response Method and Communicative Approach    M.Sc.    askari biabani, bahareh    2014-06-01
6    Syntactic and pause analysis of Persian native speakers: A study of writing development    M.Sc.    barabari, hamidreza    2014-06-02
7    A Diagnostic Study on The Locus of Myside Bias in Thesis Writing of Iranian TEFL Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    bandsari, leila    2014-06-11
8    A Study of Conceptual Metaphors in Vaqe’a and Naba’ in the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    Amini, Heidar ali    2014-07-06
9    Critical discourse analysis in Nahjolbalaghe: The letter to Malek-e- Ashter    M.Sc.    Nemati, Masihollah    2014-07-06
10    An Analysis of Writing Errors of Arabic-speaking Yemeni Intermediate Persian Learners    M.Sc.    taherzadeh, mitra    2014-10-15
11    Designing A Persian Alphabetical Picture Dictionary For Children    M.Sc.    mohamedi, atieh    2014-10-15
12    A contrastive analysis of Persian and Iraqi Arabic phonology and offerings some teaching strategies    M.Sc.    heidari, mohammad    2014-10-15
13    Thematic dictionary of daily expressions of Persian for non-Persian speakers    M.Sc.    Heidaryan, Mahdi    2014-11-19
14    check semantic linguistics misunderstanding of some of high frequency words in couple communication    M.Sc.    alavi, hoda    2014-11-19
15    an investigation into flow in second grade and pre- university text book: constructing a flow driven text    M.Sc.    alavi, salma sadat    2014-12-14
16    The Impact of Teaching Controversial Cultural Differences/Values and Social-Cultural Capital on University EFL Students’ Ambiguity Tolerance    M.Sc.    Markazi Omidvar, Maryam    2015-01-10
17    A Survey on Linguistics Structures of varbal hypnosis based on Erickson's Conversational Hypothesis    M.Sc.    Hasanzade, Farinaz    2015-02-10
18    A linguistic analysis of the speech act of lie in Persian based on Coleman and Kay's theory    Ph.D    nakhavali, fakhteh    2015-03-07
19    Speech Act Analysis on Some Social Madinian Surahs of the Holy Quran Based on Searl's Theory    M.Sc.    tavakoli, leili    2015-03-10
20    The capacity of syntactic patterns used in persian written media for teaching it to non-persian speakers    M.Sc.    Vahidi Ferdosi, Tahereh    2015-03-10
21    A Review of book titled “Teaching Persian Language” based on Nation and Macalister and McDonough and Shaw and Cunningsworth’ Ideas    M.Sc.    Ghobadi rad, ZAHRA    2015-03-15
22    Materials Development and Teaching of Persian Essential Words to Non-Persian Beginner Learners    M.Sc.    naji hosseindoust, abbas    2015-11-24
23    A Study on the Effect of Formal and Informal Written Varieties in Mashhad Billboard Advertisements on Customer’s Persuasion    M.Sc.    Alizadeh Memar, Zahra    2015-12-22
24    Teacher's evaluating teaching methods at the Teaching Perasian Language to Non- Persians center at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    meraji, zahra    2015-12-22
25    A Study on the Characteristics of Successful Teachers Teaching Persian to Non-Native Persians and Teachers’ Communication Skills (verbal and non-verbal) at AZFA Centers in Mashhad    M.Sc.    Ghaemipour, Nafiseh    2016-01-05
26    Reading and Listening Skills’ Materials Development and Simplification of Some Persian Stories from Ghabusnameh for Non-Persian Advanced Level Learners    M.Sc.    Barani, Reyhaneh    2016-01-05
27    The Impact of Colloquial Iraqi Arabic on the Pronunciation of English at the Secondary School: A Case Study    M.Sc.    AL-MUSAWI, WEAM ADNAN MUSA    2016-01-05
28    Providing a model for the evaluation of learning preposition for non-Persian speakers    M.Sc.    dorri moghadam, niloofar    2016-01-12
29    Study on the Role of Editing Persian Texts in Reading Passages and Comprehension Skill for Persian Learners as a Second Language: Case Study at Two Persian Teaching to Non-Persian centers of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Narjes Maktab.    M.Sc.    Aminian, Shahrzad    2016-03-08
30    A Contrastive Analysis of Punctuation on Persian and English Writing: A Case Study of Persian and English Language and Literature Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Moghadam, Elham    2016-06-21
31    Analyzing and Categorizing Persian Rhetorical Syntactic and Morphological Errors in Social Networks Based on Classical Syntax    Ph.D    Hedayat Mofidi, Masiheh Alsadat    2016-06-21
32    Motivational self-systems of non-Iranian Persian Learners    Ph.D    Khaleghizadeh, Sharareh    2016-07-18
33    A Comparative Study on the Use of Persian Language in South Korea and the Status of Application of Korean Language in Iran: Focus on the Two Countries' capitals    M.Sc.    kim, junsuk    2016-12-05
34    The study of Persian Language preschool children’s appreciation of humor from linguistics point of view    Ph.D    Keramati Yazdi, Sarira    2017-03-14
35    An Item Analysis Study of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Center's Placement Test    M.Sc.    sarafraz yazdi, saeideh    2017-11-06
36    Analysis and Explanation of Punctuation Marks in Persian and Arabic    M.Sc.    Saboori, Fatemeh    2018-01-04
37    Assessment of Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory in Persian- speaking Multiple Sclerosis patients and healthy counterparts    Ph.D    Yazdani, Sarah    2018-03-06
38    A Rhetoric Needs analysis of PersianTeachers Perspectives on Persian Learners    M.Sc.    ahmadi keshnigan, hoda    2019-03-06